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8.25 NSH Contact Hour(s)
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National Society for Histotechnology

The NSH HT Exam Prep Course is designed for students that are studying for the HT certification exam. It is especially beneficial to those that are taking the exam through the on-the-job training route. The course will include exam content, study material and resources available to help with the studying process. The course will also explain the concept of computer adaptive testing and time will be spent discussing exam taking strategies. Review topics include Fixation, Processing, Microtomy, Staining, Special Stains Immunohistochemistry and Lab Math.

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Continuing Education Credits

NSH Contact Hours (acceptable for AMT, ASCP, and state recertification): 8.25 hour(s)
Course number HTPREP
Course number 20-672765, approved through 9/1/2021

Course Outline

  • Module 1: Introduction to the HT Exam
      • Introduction to the HT/HTL Exam
      • Knowledge Check for Module 1
  • Module 2: Fixation & Processing
      • Module 2.1 Fixation
      • Knowledge Check for Module 2.1 Fixation
      • Module 2.2 Processing
      • Knowledge Check for Module 2.2
  • Module 3 Microtomy
      • Module 3 Microtomy
      • Knowledge Check for Module 3
  • Module 4 Staining
      • Module 4.1 Theory of Staining
      • Knowledge Check for Module 4.1
      • Module 4.2 Nuclear & Cytoplasmic Staining
      • Knowledge Check for Module 4.2
      • Module 4.3 H&E Staining
      • Knowledge Check for Module 4.3
  • Module 5: Special Stains
      • Module 5.1 Special Stains Part 1
      • Knowledge Check for Module 5.1
      • Module 5.2 Special Stains Part 2
      • Knowledge Check for Module 5.2
      • Module 5.3 Special Stains Part 3
      • Knowledge Check for Module 5.3
  • Module 6: Immunohistochemistry
      • Module 6 Immunohistochemistry
      • Knowledge Check for Module 6
  • Module 7: Lab Math
      • Module 7: Lab Math
      • Knowledge Check for Module 7

Additional Information

Learning Module Format: The course contains several hours of lectures. To ensure this large amount of material is digestible the course has been split into topic modules.
Knowledge Checks: At the conclusion of each section you will be asked to complete a Knowledge Check. Knowledge Checks consist of three to five questions – asked in a variety of formats - about the section you just completed.
Final Exam: The course completes with a Final Exam consisting of 20 questions. You must receive a 70% or better to receive your certificate of completion for the course.
Course Faculty
Jamie is the Program Director of the Schools of Histotechnology (HT and HTL) programs at Beaumont Health System, Royal Oak, Michigan. Previous to that she worked as a bench histotechnologist in the immunohistochemistry/molecular lab of anatomic pathology at Beaumont Hospital, and in that time she also worked as a contingent histotechnologist in private GI and Dermatopathology laboratories. Jamie completed her B.S. at Grand Valley State University and she is certified as a histotechnologist (HTL), molecular biologist (MB), and also has her Qualification in Immunohistochemistry (QIHC) through ASCP. 
Ada Feldman, MS, HT(ASCP), HTL(ASCP)
Ada Feldman is the CEO at ANATECH, LTD, Battle Creek, MI. She has multiple publications and recently co-written Tissue Processing and Hematoxylin and Eosin Staining in Histopathology Methods and Protocols and Laboratory Safety in Theory and Practice of Histological Techniques, 8th edition. She is frequently invited to speak at state, national and international histology seminars and for webinars. She has received several National Society for Histotechnology awards (J.B. McCormick, M.D. Award; Golden Forcep Award, and Convention Award) as well as several awards from state histology societies. Ada has held several positions including President and Treasurer in the Michigan Society of Histotechnologists. She chaired the NSH QC committee and currently serves on the

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