Board of Clinical Laboratory Personnel The Law, Rules & Regulations related to Histology

1 NSH Contact Hour(s)
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Jerry Santiago, PhD, HTL(ASCP)QIHC, Professor of Histology/HT Program Director, Florida State College at Jacksonville

This course meets the Rules & Law continuing education requirement for healthcare providers in the State of Florida. This workshop has been approved by the Board of Clinical Laboratory Personnel.

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Continuing Education Credits

NSH Contact Hours (acceptable for AMT, ASCP, and state recertification): 1 hour(s)
Course number RR2019
Florida Board of Clinical Laboratory Personnel Credit Hours - Laws and Rules of the Board: 1 hour(s)
Course number 20-662695, approved through 6/25/2020

Course Outline

  • Board of Clinical Laboratory Personnel The Law, Rules & Regulations related to Histology 2018 Update
      • Rationale:
      • Objectives
  • Statutes vs. Rules & Regulations
      • Statutes vs. Rules & Regulations
  • Florida Statute Summaries
      • Chapter 483 PART Ill CLINICAL LABORATORY PERSONNEL (§§. 483.800 - 483.828)
      • §§. 483.800 - Declaration of Policy and Statement of Purpose
      • §§. 483.801 - Exemptions
      • §§. 483.803- Definitions
      • §§. 483.035 Clinical laboratories operated by practitioners for exclusive use; licensure and regulation
      • §§. 483.805- Board of Clinical Laboratory Personnel
      • §§.483.807- Fees; Establishment; Disposition
      • §§. 483.809- Licensure; examinations; registration of Trainees; Approval of Curricula
      • §§. 483.811 – Approval of Laboratory Personnel Training Programs
      • §§ 483.813 - Clinical Laboratory Personnel License
      • §§. 483.815 - Application for Clinical Laboratory Personnel License
      • §§. 483.817- Renewal of Clinical Laboratory Personnel License
      • Test Your Knowledge
      • §§. 483.819 Inactive Status
      • §§ 483.821 – Periodic Demonstration of Competency; Continuing Education or reexamination
      • §§. 483.823- Qualification of Clinical Laboratory Personnel
      • §§. 483.824 - Qualifications of Clinical Laboratory Director
      • §§ 483.825 - Grounds for Disciplinary Actions
      • §§. 483.828 - Penalties for Violations
  • Board of Clinical Laboratory Personnel
      • Florida Rules & Regulations Chapter 64B3
    • Chapter 64B3-1 Organization
      • CHAPTER 64B3-1.006- Notices, Current Address of Licensees
      • CHAPTER 64B3-1.008 - Board Meetings
      • CHAPTER 64B3-1.0085 – Public Comment
      • CHAPTER 64B3-1.015 - Probable Cause Determinations
      • Test Your Knowledge
    • Chapter 64B3-2 Definitions
      • 64B3-2.002 - Clinical Laboratory Personnel
      • 64B3-2.003 - Definitions
    • Chapter 64B3-3 Approval of Clinical Laboratory Personnel Training Programs
      • 64B3-3.001 - General Requirements of Clinical Laboratory Personnel Training Program
      • 64B3-3.002 - Personnel of Clinical Laboratory Personnel Training Programs
      • 64B3-3.003 - Curriculum Requirements for Clinical Laboratory Personnel Training
    • Chapter 64B3-4 – Trainee Registration
      • 64B3-4.001 Trainee Registration
    • Chapter 64B3-5 Qualification for Licensure
      • 64B3-5.0011 Definitions (Updated 2-21-2016)
      • 64B3-5.002- Supervisor - Qualifications and Responsibilities
      • 64B3-5.003 – Technologist - Qualifications and Responsibilities
      • 64B3-5.004 - Technician - Qualifications and Responsibilities
      • 64B3-5.007 – Director; Limitations and Qualifications
    • Chapter 64B3-6 Licensure
      • 64B3-6.001 Manner of Application
      • 64B3-6.002 Documentation for Licensure
      • 64B3-6.003 Personnel Licensure – Temporary License
    • Chapter 64B3-7 Examination
      • 64B3-7.005 - Security and Monitoring Procedures for Licensure Examination
    • Chapter 64B3-8 Renewal and reactivation of Licensure and Inactive Status
      • 64B3-8.001 Renewal of Clinical Laboratory Personnel License
      • 64B3-8.002 Inactive Status and Reactivation of Inactive Clinical Laboratory Personnel
      • 64B3-8.003 Renewal of Clinical Laboratory Training Program License
      • 64B3-8.004 Renewal of Clinical Laboratory Personnel Continuing Education Provider License
      • 64B3-8.005 Delinquent License
      • 64B3-8.006 Exemption of Spouses of Members of Armed Forces from Licensure Renewal
    • Chapter 64B3-9 Fees
      • 64B3-9.001 - Application Fees
      • 64B3-9.002 - Initial Licensure Fees
      • 64B3-9.0035 - Additional Specialty Fee
      • 64B3-9.004 - Active Status Renewal Licensure Fee
      • 64B3-9.005 - Reactivation Fee
      • 64B3-9.0051 - Retired Status Fee
      • 64B3-9.006 - Fee for Inactive Status
      • 64B3-9.008 - Request to Extend Trainee Registration
      • 64B3-9.009 - Duplicate License Fee
      • 64B3-9.010 - Change of Status
      • 64B3-9.011 - Delinquency Fee
      • 64B3-9.012 - Unlicensed Activity Fee
    • Chapter 64B3-10 Scope of Practice for Clinical Laboratory Personnel
      • 64B3-10.005 - Scope of Practice Relative to Specialty of Licensure
    • Chapter 64B3-11 Continuing Education
      • 64B3-11.001 - Continuing Education (Ammended 3-18-2014)
      • 64B3-11.002 Standards for Continuing Education Courses
      • 64B3-11.003 Requirements for Continuing Education Programs
      • 64B3-11.004 - Procedures for Approval of Provider Programs
      • 64B3-11.005 - Mandatory HIV/AIDS Education for Initial Licensure and Renewal
    • Chapter 64B3-12 Discipline
      • 64B3-12.001 Disciplinary Guidelines
      • 64B3-12.002 - Citations
      • 64B3-12.003 - Terms of Probation
      • 64B3-12.004 - Mediation Offenses
      • 64B3-12.005 - Notice of Noncompliance
      • 64B3-12.006 - Time Limitation for Payment of Administrative Fine or Costs
    • Chapter 64B3-13 Responsibilities of Clinical Laboratory Personnel
      • 64B3-13.001 - Responsibilities of Directors
      • 64B3-13.002 - Responsibilities of Supervisors
      • 64B3-13.003 Responsibilities of Technologists
      • 64B3-13.004 Responsibilities of Technicians
  • Test Your Knowledge
    • References
        • References

    Additional Information

    Course Description: This course meets the Rules & Laws continuing education requirement for healthcare providers in the state of Florida and has been approved by the Board of Clinical Laboratory Personnel.

    Presenter Bio: Jerry Santiago is currenlty the Program Director and a Professor of Histology for Florida State College at Jacksonville Histologic Technology Program. He has been involved with the National Society in several key volunteer roles including sitting on the Board of Directors, leading NSH Committees as a Chair and serving in the House of Delegates. He has participated in committees for the College of American Pathologist and has presented numerous workshops at the local, state, national and international level both in English and Spanish.

    Learning Format: This course is a summary reference paper on Florida Rules & Regulations broken into  digestible sections for reading. Throughout the course participants are given the opportunity for interactive exercises to test their knowledge of a completed section.

    Final Exam: The course completes with a Final Exam consisting of 10 questions. You must receive a 70% or better to receive your certificate for the course.

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